Profoto D1 250 Head Light
Profoto D1 250 Air Package
February 10, 2016
Sewa Murah, Profoto B1 500 Air Package(R)
Profoto B1 500 Air Remote TTL Canon Package
February 10, 2016
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Sewa Murah, Profoto D1 500 Air Package
Profoto Kabel Power
Profoto Speed Ring for Softbox
Profoto Standar Zoom
Manfrotto 004 Light Stand Silver
Profoto Sofbox 3x4 RFi
profoto air remote Universal Pin

Profoto D1 500 Air Package (Universal Pin)

Rp500,000 / day

Profoto D1 500 Air Package 2 Profoto D1 500 Air head lamp
1 Profoto Standart zoom reflector
1 Profoto softbox 3×4 Rfi
1 Profoto speed ring softbox
1 Profoto Air Remote Universal Pin
2 Light stand
1 Sync cable 5 m



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